viernes, 5 de julio de 2013

jueves, 4 de julio de 2013

The Mokkers supporting The Black Angels @ Lido!! (03/07/2013)

Some days ago, when we decided to buy the tickets for The Black Angels, we realized all the tickets where sold out. We couldn't believe it, after almost three years we were missing them again...
Then the day after we got the new that WE WERE SUPPORTING THEM!
I got a whatsapp from Perry asking: "are you still worried about the tickets?" 
We really couldn't believe it. After an emergency rehearsal before Vivi went to Prague and a lot of long long days in between we finally got to Lido on wednesday afternoon. When I arrived everybody was already there and Black Angels were checking the sound. It was so loud and sounded so good...
 Then we had of course to hurry when our turn came since everything was delayed.
When we went to the stage the room was crowded. I guess many of the people didn't even know there was a support band, so they were probably freaking out a bit. We started to play and the monitor did't work. Time ran too fast and we had to stop before finishing our set but when we left the stage and got to the backstage some of the Black Angels members applauded us and told us they really liked our music and they thought what we do is cool. Although it sounds very groupie, I guess this was the best part of the night. 
We could get then to the front and enjoy their show. We really did. I guess they did as well since they kept playing several songs after the last one, or the one that was suppose to be the last one. It was great. After that we could chat a bit more with them. They let us take some food and mexican beers from  the fridge. The tasted great and where cold. 
Time went very, very fast and soon we all had to leave. When we where picking up our stuff we noticed the crazy amount of things the Black Angels have!

jueves, 13 de junio de 2013

The Mokkers @ Radio Eins // Interview with Frauke Oppenberg

On tuesday before the Festsaal Kreuzberg gig we were invited to an interview in the local radio emitter radio eins. We ran to the Admiral Palast since we just came back from Munich and greeted the friendly moderator Frauke Oppenberg. We chated a bit about being a girl band in a field dominated mostly by men, about "the mokkers" name origine and relation with what we do and some things more. It was short and intense. They took a pictue of us where we look very tired but happy, since we were so glad abut this invitation and obviously about this fleeting tour.
Here is what happened.

The Allah-las (+special guests: The Mokkers) german tour!!! // round 3: Hamburg (Moin Moin)

Molotow! Yey! Heard so much about it. So many now well known bands played there, bands that now play in stadions and huge places that sell expensive tickets.
Since Sergi wanted to check some record stores in town we tried to meet quite early. Obviously we made it one hour later than the original meeting time. We bought tones of shitty food on the one hand and some fruits and healthy stuff on the other and started another trip, this time shorter. 
Above the door a panel with many names of now mythical bands that once played there. The venue was smaller than the others, familiar and kind of underground and raw. The way we like it!
Soundcheck bla bla bla, big boal filled with fruits in the back and millions of penises drawn on every single corner of the walls. Even the bones behind the skulls were penises. All type of drawing styles to represent in so many unbelievable different ways this part of the human masculine body. Last venue, last concert, last night...So relieving and sad. We made a picture all together as a testimony of these intense, fast, funny days and short kind of "working together" with the guys. The venue was crowded again, but this time everything was more familiar and relaxed. Some exitement but no nerves anymore. Real garage nasty sound and a mokkers' go-go dance, "headcoatees" style, at Allah-las concert. Maracas in hand without knowing very well what to do, we just gave our best dancing as there is no tomorrow.
Later in the groundfloor the hit "Triste y solo- mi Generación version" made me go crazy. Then some sould and 60's made everybody dance. At the end we all tried to burn the dance floor. We lost some soldiers but with the resting people we ended up at an asian karaoke place called Thai Oase.
"Should I stay should I go" and other forever hits weren't able to make any part of the guy selecting the song's face change. He looked totally bored and not giving a fuck what was happening around him. Weird and funny paradoxal landscape having him nearby the drunken people giving their best singing their favourites songs.
So, then home, this seems to be the end of that chapter.
We enjoyed a lot, hope who read that does as well!